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But how do I Know I Found the ONE?!?!

So you got the ring! Woot! You've decided to spend your life with your Boo, your BFF, your person! Saying yes is important but so is SAYING YES to the Dress!!!

So where do you start?? In my opinion you won't know what you want or have an idea of what you want until you TRY it on! What looks amazing in the catalogue on the size 00 model may not infact achieve the image you have in your mind! Start Pinteresting your moods for your day, venue, style, etc. Now girl, don't let anyone tell you, you have a barn wedding, you don't need ballgown. If you WANT to wear that Ball gown, girl, you WEAR the ball gown.

I'm only posting some tips here as I have learned so much as a bridal gown consultant, I am new to the biz, but not new to shopping for gowns!

  1. Have an open mind :) try on all the things, the ball gowns, the mermaids, the fit and flare, the sheath, the A line.

  2. Which one makes you feel good? Happy?

  3. Go with your GUT! Your intuition is your guide girl, use it! You may get all the feels and tears in your first shop....that is okay! Trust your gut! 9/10 that will be the gown you come back to, whether you try on 100 more or 15 more shops, your happy feelings will bring you back to that gown!

  4. Your support system- you've decided to bring Mom, sister, MOH, MIL, besties, whoever it is make sure they root for number UNO and don't get lost in the opinions! You are bringing the crew whom you trust the most! 😘

  5. TRUST your consultant xo

  6. Overshopping is a thing, shopping and trying on 100's of gowns will leave you tired and the magic will dissipate. You are gorgeous, literally every gown "could" be the one, they all look stellar on you. Honestly the gowns are so gorgeous that you can truly envision yourself in any one that gives you the happy what do you do? Trust your GUT! Even if it's the first store, trust that feeling and make that decision xo

  7. Shipment- now that you've chosen the "ONE" when does it arrive, is there enough time, are you prepared for rush fees if it applies? Is it off the rack?

  8. Alterations- most shops have a seamstress connected. Once your gown arrives your bridal consultant can arrange a fitting with a seamstress or recommend a seamstress in your area.

  9. You'll have a couple of fittings to ensure it fits the way you want! Seamstresses are goddesses/gods and can bring your dream dress ideas to fruition!

  10. Sparkle, dazzle and shine! Then do the "THING"!!! Your day has arrived! Congratulations Xoxox ❤️❤️

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